Northern Coast

Yiti boasts a beautiful, sandy beach surrounded by craggy mountain scenery that makes an attractive spot for a swim or picnic. The beach is at the end of a large, muddy inlet that is regularly picked over by wading waterbirds. If the tide is low, you can wade to a sandbar and look left for a great view of Bandar Jissah’s famous sea arch.

Locals believe the serrated rocks at the mouth of the inlet were inhabited by jinn (genies), and offerings used to be left at their base. Alas, the spirits have gone somewhere more private, according to the local fishermen, because of the disfiguring earthworks on the far side of the creek. Indeed, the whole village here is slowly being abandoned in the wake of encroaching tourist development. It remains a beauty spot regardless.

To reach Yiti, follow the signs (along 74 St) through a deep cut in the mountains from the roundabout in Bandar Jissah. For an enjoyable round trip from Muscat, return through Wadi Mayh.

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