Norwegian Maritime Museum

Aker Brygge & Bygdøy

Author Roald Dahl once said that in Norway everyone seems to have a boat, and the theory seems like quite a good one at the Norsk Maritime Museum. The museum depicts Norway's relationship with the sea, including the fishing and whaling industries, the seismic fleet (which searches for oil and gas), shipbuilding, wreck salvaging and pleasure craft.

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1. Polarship Fram Museum

0.04 MILES

This museum is dedicated to one of the most enduring symbols of early polar exploration, the 39m schooner Fram (meaning ‘Forward’). Wander the decks, peek…

2. Kon-Tiki Museum

0.07 MILES

A favourite among children, this worthwhile museum is dedicated to the balsa raft Kon-Tiki, which Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl sailed from Peru to…

3. Norsk Folkemuseum

0.54 MILES

This folk museum is Norway's largest open-air museum and one of Oslo's most popular attractions. The museum includes more than 140 buildings, mostly from…

4. Vikingskipshuset

0.54 MILES

Around 1100 years ago, Vikings dragged up two longships from the shoreline and used them as the centrepiece for grand ceremonial burials, most likely for…

5. Sneak Peak

0.77 MILES

Alas there's no chocolate with this great glass elevator on Tjuvholmen, but it does whisk you 54m up a transparent column to give you a good view of the…

6. Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park

0.78 MILES

Like the Astrup Fearnley Museet that it surrounds, this sculpture park was designed by Renzo Piano and is also dedicated to international contemporary art…

7. Astrup Fearnley Museet

0.79 MILES

This private contemporary-art museum resides in an arresting, silvered-wood building designed by Renzo Piano, with a sail-like glass roof that feels both…

8. Nasjonalbiblioteket

1.01 MILES

A thoroughly modern library where you can view important documents of Norway's cultural heritage, from 13th-century manuscripts to magazines, films and…