The Western Fjords

Kjelsfossen tumbles from the southern wall of Nærøydalen valley, above Gudvangen village. Notice, too, the avalanche protection scheme above Gudvangen. The powerful avalanches here typically provide a force of 12 tonnes per square metre, move at 50m a second and, local legend reckons, can bowl a herd of goats right across the fjord.

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1. Flåmsbana Museum

6.66 MILES

This little museum is right beside Flåm station. There's plenty to satisfy train enthusiasts here but it's not all about railways: there are also…

2. Stalheim Folkemuseum


This folk museum, near the Stalheim Hotel, has exhibits of traditional crafts and rustic objects as well as 30 log buildings laid out as a traditional…

3. Otternes

8.11 MILES

This restored hamlet perches high above the fjord, between Flåm and Aurland. The 27 scattered buildings, the oldest dating from the early 17th century,…

4. Undredal Church

9.47 MILES

Originally built as a stave church in 1147 and seating 40, this barrel-vaulted village church is the smallest still-operational house of worship in…

5. Stegastein

10.74 MILES

Projecting out high above the fjord at an altitude of 630m, this marvel of modern engineering is one of Norway's great viewing points. Clad in pine and…

6. Aurlandsfjellet

14.29 MILES

This 45km road is one of Norway's most fabulous, climbing from sea level to the desolate, boulder-strewn high plateau that separates Aurland and…

8. Ulvik Frukt & Cidreri

18.9 MILES

Sample homemade apple juices and ciders, plus fresh apples and cherries, at this welcoming fruit farm.