Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid, in its vastness and mystery, is a monumentally seductive attraction. Mirrorlike and dazzling on sunny days, it's a truly beautiful place – especially in and around the ancient town of Ohrid, with its cobbled streets, distinctive architecture, city beach and lakefront bars.

At 300m deep, 34km long and three million years old, shared by North Macedonia (two-thirds) and Albania (one-third), Lake Ohrid is among Europe's deepest and oldest. The Macedonian portion is inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list for its cultural heritage and unique nature – it's considered the most biodiverse lake of its size in the world.

To the east of Ohrid lies Galičica National Park with mountain villages and Magaro Peak, which can be summited. To the south, a long, wooded coast has pebble beaches, churches and camping spots. In summer the big, resort-style hotels and beaches can be unpleasantly crowded but there are better spots beyond them.

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