Museo y Galería de Héroes y Mártires

Masaya & Los Pueblos Blancos

Inside the alcaldía (mayor’s office), this museum honors Masayans who gave their lives during the revolution. There are walls of photos and interesting displays of bomb-building materials and weapons, as well as personal effects including musical instruments and a few Chorotegan funeral urns. An unexploded bomb that Somoza dropped on Managua in 1977 has the place of honor.

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1. Parroquia de La Asunción

0.15 MILES

At the center the town is the 1750 Parroquia de La Asunción, an attractive but scarred late-baroque beauty that the Spanish government has offered to help…

2. Iglesia de San Jerónimo


Among the major buildings worst hit by the earthquake of 2000 (which also destroyed about 80 homes) was Iglesia de San Jerónimo, built in 1928, the…

3. Museo del Folclore

0.27 MILES

Inside the Mercado Artesanías complex, this small museum focuses on dance, local myths and the cultural traditions of Masaya. Apart from excellent photos…

5. Iglesia San Miguel de Masaya

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The modern Iglesia de San Miguel, whose resident San Miguel Arcángel makes the rounds during the procession of St Jerome, is worth a peek.

6. Malecón & Laguna de Masaya

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Seven blocks west of the Parque Central is an inspiring view in a region famed for them: across Laguna de Masaya to the smoking Santiago crater. The…

7. Iglesia San Sebastián

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The original church at this location, also called Iglesia San Sebastián, was built around 1700; it was burned down by William Walker in 1856. The current…

8. Parroquia El Calvario

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Parroquia El Calvario is a squat colonial structure with no spire, it's most remarkable for the extra-gory statues of Jesus and the thieves being…