Catedral de Granada


The cathedral, on the east side of the plaza, was originally built in 1583 but has been destroyed countless times since. This most recent version, built in 1915, has four chapels; a dozen stained-glass panels are set into the dome. It's occasionally open to the public.

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2. Plaza de la Independencia


North of Parque Central is Plaza de la Independencia, also known as the 'Plaza de los Leones.' The obelisk is dedicated to the heroes of the 1821 struggle…

3. Mi Museo

0.17 MILES

This museum displays a private collection of ceramics dating from at least 2000 BC to the present. Hundreds of beautifully crafted pieces were chosen with…

4. Convento y Museo San Francisco

0.17 MILES

One of the oldest churches in Central America, Convento San Francisco boasts a robin's egg–blue birthday-cake facade and houses both an important convent…

5. Museo de Chocolate

0.17 MILES

Granada's new chocolate museum is excellent if you're traveling with children: the 'beans to bar' chocolate workshop, where participants learn to roast…

6. Iglesia La Merced

0.22 MILES

Perhaps the most beautiful church in the city, this landmark was built in 1534. Most come here for the spectacular views from the bell tower – especially…

7. Mercado Municipal

0.24 MILES

Head to the overflowing and lively Mercado Municipal, a neoclassical building constructed in 1892, for a chance to observe locals haggling over fresh…

8. Iglesia de Guadelupe

0.39 MILES

The imposing, twin towered Iglesia de Guadalupe was originally built as a fort in 1626 and refurbished in 1945.