A company has introduced a new innovative tent design that sits on top of vehicle roofs, allowing for a unique camping experience for families.

The iKamper Skycamp has a lightweight design that is easy to open and close on location.

Founded by Soon Park following a trip from Boston to Los Angeles that was inspired by the freewheeling pros of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, the iKamper company introduced its first designs back in June 2014. Following that initial trip, Park became fascinated by outdoor camping options, which led to him working on more than 20 prototypes before inventing the first hardtop version. Now the company has introduced the Skycamp, a camping system that can be mounted on SUV and other large vehicles with two cross bars on the roof. The large tent structure is designed to sleep a family of four and can be used in all weather. Bedding, including sleeping bags, blankets and pillows can also be left in the Skycamp when it is closed.

The system allows for a unique camping experience for a family of four.

The system can be mounted and unmounted using one bolt wrench, and the lightweight design can be opened and closed easily by one person when on location. The tent comes in a choice of polyester 250D, a poly-cotton canvas and are suitable for both summer and winter camping. "iKamper roof top tents are my little tree house dreams come true. Anyone who has read Mary Osborne's Magic Tree House series dreams of having his or her own tree house that takes them to a mysterious land. The idea of having my own private room that takes me to all mysterious lands and unrevealed places fascinates me even now. iKamper roof top tents make dreams come true,” said Soon Park, iKamper founder.

Pre-orders for the Skycamp begin in February.

The company also offers and expandable hardtop design as well as a streamlined road trip tent. Pre-ordering for the Skycamp begins in February with a price of $1950. The retail price will start at $2950. More information available on the official website.
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