A new partner has joined the Lonely Planet Experiences stable of community-led tours, providing travelers with engaging, topical private experiences led by local experts in 76 cities across the US, Scotland, England, France, Spain, and China.

Lonely Planet has partnered with Travel Curious, a travel technology company based in Shoreditch, London that has hand-picked thousands of local guides and curated dozens of private tours and custom small group experiences that speak to some of travelers' top priorities and interests in exciting destinations. In particular, partnering with Travel Curious has added to Lonely Planet Experience's offerings in the United States.

Take a tour of Memphis © Travel Curious

"We are very excited to continue growing Lonely Planet Experiences with our newest partner Travel Curious. Working with Travel Curious, we were able to expand our US experiences in destinations such as Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, Santa Fe, Denver, Memphis, and others," said Eric Shepard, VP of Lonely Planet Ventures. "With the current climate, these experiences are heavily focused on nature, hiking, African American history and culture with keeping to the core of Lonely Planet's mission."

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These offerings are among the latest in the Lonely Planet Experiences catalogue, developed earlier this year to connect travelers with local communities and businesses around the world. Demand for private tours and other bespoke, experiential opportunities to engage with destinations as a local might were already on the rise in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased interest in local-led and private offerings that go off the beaten path, especially in many travelers' own back yards as travel restrictions shift.

atlanta day tour.jpg
Tour a tour of Atlanta © Travel Curious

Not only are all Lonely Planet Experiences, including those offered by Travel Curious, conducted in accordance with local public health guidelines, they are also designed to be environmentally as well as health conscious. All of the Lonely Planet Experiences are carbon-neutral in a commitment to sustainability. 

In addition, bookings include six months of free access to Lonely Planet's premium membership, including exclusive discounts on Lonely Planet's guidebooks, free access to Lonely Planet's flagship Guides app, plus additional Lonely Planet insight throughout the tours. To book a tour, visit the website

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