The Seattle city skyline with Mt Rainier beyond.

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Blink, and it's changed: Seattle can be that ephemeral. Welcome to a city that heralds innovation and nature, always marching toward the future.


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Things to Know

Despite its often overcast skies, Seattle is a beautiful corner of Washington State. Here are 6 things to know before you go this Pacific Northwest gem.

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Best Neighborhoods

If you want to experience all that Seattle has to offer, begin by exploring these top neighborhoods.

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Day Trips

Head out into Washington State, or even all the way to Canada, with these top day trips from Seattle.

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Money and Costs

Seattle is by no means a cheap destination but with our insider tips you can vacation in the Emerald City on a tight budget.

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A growing network of public transportation makes it easier than ever to navigate Seattle. Here's how to beat rain or traffic in the Emerald City.

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Free Things to Do

Seattle can be an expensive city to visit, but we've rounded up the top attractions that won't cost you a dime: 22 free things to do in Emerald City.

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Traveling with Kids

How do you organize a family-friendly trip that will satisfy activity-hungry children but also be interesting for adults? The short answer: visit Seattle.

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