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Volunteer Park


Seattle's most manicured park sits atop Capitol Hill and is named for US volunteers in the 1898 Spanish-American War. While wandering among its leafy glades, check out the glass-sided Victorian conservatory, filled with palms, cacti and tropical plants; climb the water tower; visit the Asian Art Museum; and don't depart before you've taken in the opulent mansions that grace the streets immediately to the south.

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1. Seattle Asian Art Museum

0.08 MILES

In stately Volunteer Park, this outpost of the Seattle Art Museum houses the extensive art collection of Dr Richard Fuller, who donated this late–art deco…

2. Water Tower Observation Deck

0.13 MILES

It's practically obligatory to climb the 107 steep steps to the top of the 75ft water tower in Volunteer Park. Built in 1907, it provides wonderful vistas…

3. Volunteer Park Conservatory

0.13 MILES

The conservatory is a classic Victorian greenhouse built in 1912. Filled with palms, cacti and tropical plants, it features five galleries representing…

4. St Mark’s Cathedral

0.24 MILES

Go north on Broadway (as the dandyish boutiques turn to well-maintained houses with manicured lawns) until it turns into 10th Ave E and you’re within a…

5. Lakeview Cemetery

0.24 MILES

One of Seattle’s oldest cemeteries and the final resting place of many early settlers, Lakeview Cemetery borders Volunteer Park to the north. Arthur Denny…

6. Louisa Boren Lookout

0.34 MILES

Outside the Volunteer Park boundaries, the Louisa Boren Lookout provides one of the best views over the university and Union Bay. The small park is named…

7. Cal Anderson Park

0.92 MILES

Cal Anderson Park is the active heart of Capitol Hill, where you’re sure to bump into locals playing ultimate frisbee, bike polo or soccer as you stroll…

8. Center for Wooden Boats

0.95 MILES

Honoring Seattle's historical, aquatic and Native American antecedents, this one-of-a-kind museum and enthusiasts' center features vintage and replica…