Brazil's new statue of Jesus Christ is currently under construction in Encantado in Rio Grande do Sul. When completed, it will be bigger than the country's famous Christ the Redeemer statue, one of Brazil's most recognizable landmarks.

The new statue is called Cristo Protetor de Encantado (Christ the Protector of Encantado), and it will be the third-largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world. The iron and concrete structure is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year, and visitors will be able to take an elevator 34 meters from the ground into the heart of the statue. Here a glass opening will allow for sweeping views of the surrounding area.

A statue of Christ is built in Brazil.
A new statue of Christ is being built in Brazil © Lucas Amorelli/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

At 98 feet tall, Christ the Redeemer stands on the top of Mount Corcovado overlooking Rio de Janeiro, and comes in at 140 feet overall. Cristo Protetor de Encantado will eclipse it by by 16 feet and will be the third-largest statue of Christ in the world, according to the Associação Amigos de Cristo. It will be beaten only by Mexico's Cristo de la Paz and Poland's Estátua de Cristo Rei.

Created by father and son sculptors, Genesio Gomes Moura (Ceara) and Markus Moura, the project is under construction at Morro das Antenas in Lagoa da Garibaldi. It is being built at a cost of R$2m ($358,000) and has been financed with donations and without public money. The association is still fundraising for the project and hopes that the statue will bring more visitors to the area.

Further information can be found on Associação Amigos de Cristo's website here.

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