Clyde Historical Museums

Central Otago

This volunteer-run local museum showcases Māori and Victorian exhibits, and traces the construction of the Clyde Dam. You can also peep into the old council chambers. A second building, housed in the Herb Factory complex at 12 Fraser St, was closed for renovations when we visited.

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1. Central Stories

5.73 MILES

Central Otago's history of gold mining, winemaking, fruit growing and sheep farming is covered in this excellent regional museum and gallery, which shares…

2. Cromwell Heritage Precinct

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When the Clyde Dam was completed in 1992 it flooded Cromwell's historic town centre – 280 homes, six farms and 17 orchards. Many historic buildings were…

3. Ophir Post Office

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The most photogenic of Ophir's many heritage buildings is this still-functioning 1886 post office, the oldest continually operated post office in NZ. Drop…

4. Bendigo Historic Reserve

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Gold was discovered in Bendigo in 1862; relics from the rush can be seen at this historic reserve, accessible off SH8, near the north of Lake Dunstan…

5. Rockburn

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Producers of one of the region's most acclaimed pinot noirs; its cellar door is in the front yard of the rustic Gibbston Tavern.

6. Peregrine

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Peregrine by name, peregrine by design…the award-winning construction of the cellar door, shaped a bit like a falcon's wing in flight, looks particularly…

7. Pisa Conservation Area

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Covering much of the Pisa Range, this conservation reserve has several walking trails through the tussock grass. To get the full show, the 19km tramp to…

8. Gibbston Valley

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The area's oldest commercial winery (established in the early 1980s) offers tours of the winery ($35) and NZ's largest wine cave ($20). It also has a…