Te Hana Te Ao Marama

North Auckland

You'll see the terraces of a lot of historic (fortified village) sites etched into hillsides all around NZ, but if you want to get an idea of how these Māori villages actually looked, take a one-hour guided tour of the recreated at Te Hana. It's best to book ahead.

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1. Dome Forest

9.57 MILES

Two kilometres north of Warkworth, a track leads through this regenerating forest to the Dome summit (336m). On a fine day you can see the Sky Tower from…

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This agricultural attraction offers farm experiences for little city slickers (pony rides, lamb feeding) and the ubiquitous sheep and dog show, including…

3. Mangawhai Museum

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One of regional NZ's best museums, this spectacular building shaped like a stingray is on the main road linking Mangawhai village to Mangawhai Heads…

4. Te Whai Bay Wines

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Handcrafted wines include chardonnay, pinot gris and Bordeaux-style reds, and the beautiful vineyard is a great spot for a shared antipasto platter to…

5. Mangawhai Heads

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Mangawhai's main claim to fame is the surf beach and its large hilltop car park fills up quickly in peak season. To the south a narrow spit of sand…

6. Warkworth District's Museum

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Pioneer-era detritus is displayed at this small local museum. Of more interest is the surrounding Parry Kauri Park, which harbours a couple of giant kauri…

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After taking an hour-long artistic ramble through the beautiful grounds and native bush of Brick Bay Wines, recuperate with a wine tasting at the…

8. Goat Island Marine Reserve

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Only 3km from Leigh, this 547-hectare aquatic area was established in 1975 as the country’s first marine reserve. In less than 40 years the sea has…