Uma Maheshwar Temple


Peer inside this temple to see a very beautiful black-stone relief of Shiva and Parvati in the pose known as Uma Maheshwar – the god sitting cross-legged with his consort leaning against him rather seductively.

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1. Kumbeshwar Temple

0.08 MILES

Due north of Durbar Sq is the eye-catching Kumbeshwar Temple, one of the valley’s three five-storey temples. This tall, thin mandir (temple) features some…

2. Golden Temple (Kwa Bahal)

0.11 MILES

This unique Buddhist monastery is just north of Durbar Sq. It was allegedly founded in the 12th century, and it has existed in its current form since 1409…

5. Bhimsen Temple

0.13 MILES

At the northern end of Durbar Sq, the Bhimsen Temple is dedicated to the god of trade and business, which may explain its prosperous appearance. One of…

6. Manga Hiti

0.14 MILES

Immediately across from Bhimsen Temple is the sunken Manga Hiti, one of the water conduits with which Patan is liberally endowed. The tank contains a…

7. Northern Stupa

0.14 MILES

One of four Ashoka stupas marking the old city limits of Patan. Located beyond the Kumbeshwar Temple, on the way to the Sankhamul Ghats.

8. Mani Mandap

0.14 MILES

Overlooking the Manga Hiti tank, the two wooden pavilions known as the Mani Mandap were built in 1700 for use in the elaborate ceremonies at royal…