Top ChoiceChurch in Windhoek



Windhoek’s best-recognised landmark, and something of an unofficial symbol of the city, this German Lutheran church stands on a traffic island and lords it over the city centre. An unusual building, it was...

Wildlife Reserve in Windhoek

Daan Viljoen Game Park

This beautiful wildlife park sits in the Khomas Hochland about 18km west of Windhoek. You can walk to your heart’s content through lovely wildlife-rich desert hills, and spot gemsboks, kudus, mountain zebras,...

Museum in Windhoek

National Museum of Namibia

The excellent display on Namibia’s independence at the country’s historical museum provides some enlightening context to the struggles of this young country. But probably the most interesting part of the museum...

Park in Windhoek

Zoo Park

Although this leafy park served as a public zoo until 1962, today it functions primarily as a picnic spot and shady retreat for lunching office workers. Five thousand years ago the park was the site of a Stone...

Museum in Windhoek

Trans-Namib Transport Museum

Windhoek’s beautiful old Cape Dutch–style train station on Bahnhof St was constructed by the Germans in 1912, and was expanded in 1929 by the South African administration. Across the driveway from the entrance is...

Museum in Windhoek

Independence Memorial Museum

Opened in 2014, this museum is dedicated to the country's anticolonial and independence struggle. The first floor tells the story of Namibia under colonial rule, with the next floor up shifting gears to the...

Castle in Windhoek

Heinitzburg Castle

Uphill from Robert Mugabe Ave are the three Windhoek 'castles', including the 1914 Heinitzburg, which today houses a hotel and fine restaurant. The other castles, Schwerinsburg and Sanderburg, are nearby.

Museum in Windhoek

Owela Museum

Part of the National Museum of Namibia, located about 600m from the main building, exhibits at the Owela Museum focus on Namibia’s natural and cultural history; note it may sometimes close early.

Notable Building in Windhoek


The former administrative headquarters of German South West Africa have been given a new mandate as the Namibian parliament building. As a fitting homage to the bureaucracy of government, the name of the building...

Historic Building in Windhoek

Kaiserliche Realschule

Windhoek’s first German primary school was built in 1908, and opened the following year with a class size of 74 students. Notice the curious turret with wooden slats, which was designed to provide ventilation for...

Historic Building in Windhoek

Gathemann’s Complex

Along Independence Ave are three colonial-era buildings, all designed by the famous architect Willi Sander. The one furthest south was built in 1902 as the Kronprinz Hotel, which later joined Gathemann House (now...

Monument in Windhoek

Owambo Campaign Memorial

At the entry to the train station parking area, you’ll see the Owambo Campaign Memorial, which was erected in 1919 to commemorate the 1917 British and South African campaign against Chief Mandume of the Kwanyama...

Gallery in Windhoek

National Art Gallery

This art gallery contains a permanent collection of works reflecting Namibia’s historical and natural heritage. The collection displays works by Muafangejo – Namibia’s first black artist to gain international...

Historic Building in Windhoek


The Turnhalle was built in 1909 as a training hall for the Windhoek Gymnastic Club, though in 1975 it was modernised and turned into a conference hall. On 1 September of that year, it served as the venue for the...

Historic Building in Windhoek

Old Magistrates’ Court

This old courthouse was built in 1898 for Carl Ludwig, the state architect, but it was never used and was eventually drafted into service as the magistrates’ court. Take a look at the verandah on the south side,...

Monument in Windhoek


Zoo Park's rather anachronous mate to the elephant column is the Kriegerdenkmal, topped by a rather frightening golden imperial eagle, which was dedicated in 1987 to the memory of German Schutztruppe soldiers who...

Notable Building in Windhoek

Old Supreme Court

Dating from 1908, the gabled brick Old Supreme Court was a court from 1920 to 1930, when the legal system was changing from the German to the South African model.

Monument in Windhoek

Elephant Column

Zoo Park’s prominent elephant column was designed by Namibian sculptor Dörthe Berner.

Landmark in Windhoek


Site of the annual Windhoek Show in late September into early October.