National Art Gallery


This art gallery contains a permanent collection of works reflecting Namibia’s historical and natural heritage. The collection displays works by Muafangejo – Namibia’s first black artist to gain international acclaim. His linocuts depict the liberation struggle from a religious and narrative perspective.

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1. National Museum of Namibia

0.04 MILES

The excellent display on Namibia’s independence at the country’s historical museum provides some enlightening context to the struggles of this young…

2. Owela Museum


Part of the National Museum of Namibia, located about 600m from the main building, exhibits at the Owela Museum focus on Namibia’s natural and cultural…

3. Turnhalle

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The Turnhalle was built in 1909 as a training hall for the Windhoek Gymnastic Club, though in 1975 it was modernised and turned into a conference hall. On…

4. Gathemann’s Complex

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Along Independence Ave are three colonial-era buildings, all designed by the famous architect Willi Sander. The one furthest south was built in 1902 as…

5. Old Magistrates’ Court

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This old courthouse was built in 1898 for Carl Ludwig, the state architect, but it was never used and was eventually drafted into service as the…

7. Old Supreme Court

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Dating from 1908, the gabled brick Old Supreme Court was a court from 1920 to 1930, when the legal system was changing from the German to the South…

8. Zoo Park

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Although this leafy park served as a public zoo until 1962, today it functions primarily as a picnic spot and shady retreat for lunching office workers…