German colonial building or Goerke Haus situated on the Diamantberg (mountain).

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Lüderitz Namibia

Before travelling to Lüderitz, pause for a moment to study the country map and how the town is sandwiched between the barren Namib Desert and the windswept South Atlantic coast. As if Lüderitz’ unique geographical setting wasn’t impressive enough, its surreal German art nouveau architecture will seal the deal. A colonial relic scarcely touched by the 21st century, Lüderitz recalls a Bavarian dorfchen (small village), with churches, bakeries and cafes. Unlike its more well-heeled Teutonic rival Swakopmund, Lüderitz feels stuck in a time warp, a perception that delivers both gloom and a certain charm (at least for visitors). In short, it's one of the most incongruous places in Africa.

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