Kyaik-Khauk Paya

Myanmar (Burma)

Around 5 miles south of Thanlyin's centre is this gilded Mon-style stupa, similar in design to Shwedagon and said to contain two Buddha hairs delivered to the site by the great sage himself. There are panoramic views from its hilltop location.

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1. Thanlyin Myo Ma Market

2.91 MILES

At the heart of Thanlyin is this colourful and busy daily market that's well worth a stroll.

2. Immaculate Conception Church

3.73 MILES

Also known as the old Portuguese church, these are actually the red-brick ruins of a church built by an Italian priest around 1750. Find them by following…

3. National Races Village

5.62 MILES

Traditional houses of the Kachin, Kayah, Kayin (Karen), Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan peoples are dotted around this lush, landscaped compound…

4. Botataung Jetty

6.92 MILES

There are good views across the Yangon River towards Dalah from this jetty.

5. Botataung Paya

7.05 MILES

Botataung’s spacious riverfront location and lack of crowds give it a more down-to-earth spiritual feeling than Shwedagon. Its most original feature is…

6. Thaketa Crocodile Farm

7.27 MILES

Off the main road from Yangon to Thanlyin, at the end of a bumpy road leading into the Thaketa Industrial Estate, is this government-run farm that breeds…

7. Sri Varada Raja Perumal Temple

7.31 MILES

Dedicated to Vishnu, this lavishly decorated Hindu temple dates from 1928 and was built by the Indian businessman Dr S Ramanatha Reddiar. It has the…

8. Myanmar Deitta

7.56 MILES

From the Pali word for 'in front of one's eyes', Deitta is a nonprofit working with local and international documentary photographers, filmmakers and…