Ancient Gawdawpalin pahto pagoda at twilight in Bagan archaeological zone, Myanmar.

© Zzvet/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Gawdawpalin Pahto


Standing 197ft tall, Gawdawpalin is one of the largest and most imposing Bagan temples, although by no means the most inspiring, with its modernised altar and tile floors inside. Built during the reign of Narapatisithu and finished under that of Nantaungmya, it’s considered the crowning achievement of the late Bagan period. Its name means ‘Platform to which Homage Is Paid’. The stairs to the top terrace are closed to visitors.

The most recent homage was its heavy-duty reconstruction following terrific damage sustained in the 1975 earthquake, as it stood near the site of the quake’s epicentre.

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