Cosmovitral Botanical Garden in Toluca, Mexico is surrounded by stained glass.

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Cosmovitral Jardín Botánico

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At the northeast end of Plaza Garibay, the stunning and unique Cosmovitral Jardín Botánico was built in 1909 as a market. The building now houses 3500 sq meters of lovely gardens, lit through 48 stained-glass panels designed by the Tolucan artist Leopoldo Flores with the help of 60 artisans. The 500,000 pieces of glass come in 28 different colors from seven countries, including Japan, Belgium and Italy.

Depicted in the stained glass is the evolution of humans across history and our relationship to the stars, reflected in the 'cosmo' aspect of the name. Also shown are the dualities at work in our universe – creation and destruction, life and death, day and night.

The eastern section shows a man and a woman in relation to the Andromeda nebula; at the center, the creation of the universe is brought to life in coloured glass.

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