Ex-Convento Santo Desierto del Carmen

Historic Building in Mexico City

This weathered 17th-century former Carmelite monastery within the Parque Nacional Desierto de Los Leones provides an interesting glimpse of what it would have been like to live here and roam the halls of the micro-town while connected to nature. The monastery has been remodelled with exhibition halls and a restaurant. Tours in Spanish are run by guides (garbed in cassock and sandals) who lead you through expansive gardens around the buildings and the patios within, as well as some underground passageways.

Camiones to the ex-convento depart from Paradero las Palmas in San Ángel or from metro Viveros (in front of the 7-Eleven) hourly on Saturday and Sunday until 3:30pm.

There are small restaurants on the approach to the Ex-Convento.