Ilot Sancho


Is it an island or is it a part of the mainland? Well, that all depends on the time of day that you visit. Separated from the mainland by a tidal channel, this rocky outcrop is a fun island scramble when the tide is out.

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1. Trevassa Monument

3.67 MILES

This monument commemorates the sinking of the British steamer Trevassa in 1923. She went down 2600km off Mauritius. Sixteen survivors were eventually…

2. Rochester Falls

4.43 MILES

Rochester Falls are by no means the country's most spectacular falls, but they're worth a detour if you're in the area. Follow the makeshift signs from…

3. Alexandra Falls Viewpoint

4.83 MILES

From the Alexandra Falls Viewpoint, you can admire the cloud forest of Mt Cocotte (771m) and the view down to the south coast. The falls themselves are…

4. Matthew Flinders Monument

5.08 MILES

Standing on the shore 500m west of Baie du Cap, the Matthew Flinders Monument was erected in 2003 to honour the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the…

5. Robert Edward Hart Museum

5.18 MILES

Robert Edward Hart (1891–1954) was a renowned Mauritian poet, apparently appreciated by both the French and the English. His house, La Nef, is an…

6. Gris Gris Beach

5.55 MILES

Around 2.5km southeast of central Souillac, a grassy clifftop affords fine views of the black-rock coastline. A path leads down to the wild Gris Gris…

7. Gorges Viewpoint

5.69 MILES

On a clear day, the views from here across the gorge and down towards the west coast rank among the best on the island.