Il-Kalanka Bay

Southern Malta

Nearby St Peter's Pool is deservedly popular as a swimming and sunbathing destination, but continue down the same road (Triq Delimara) to quieter Il-Kalanka Bay. New signage now makes it easier to find, and the bay's natural swimming hole is reached by a convenient stepped path of around 50m. Care should be taken when jumping into the water as the distance is higher than at St Peter's Pool. Easier access is from the right-hand side of the pool.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Southern Malta attractions

1. Delimara Point

0.21 MILES

Delimara Point, southeast of Marsaxlokk, is blighted by a huge power station whose chimney can be seen for miles around, but there are a few good swimming…

2. St Peter's Pool

0.61 MILES

St Peter's Pool is a fantastic swimming spot, a natural lido in the rocks with large areas of flat slab for sunbathing between swims. Follow the narrow…

3. Sunday Fish Market

1.39 MILES

At Marsaxlokk's colourful, packed-to-the-gills Sunday Fish Market, you can admire the riches of the Med before they're whisked off to Malta's top hotels…

4. Waterfront Market


The Sunday fish stalls are far outnumbered by the stalls of this daily market, which mainly sells kitsch aimed at tour groups visiting the town.

5. Għar Dalam Cave & Museum

1.95 MILES

The reason to head to Birżebbuġa is to see the Għar Dalam Cave & Museum, 500m north on the main road from Valletta. Għar Dalam (aar-da-lam; the name means…

6. St Thomas Bay


St Thomas Bay is a deeply indented bay to the south of Marsaskala, lined with concrete and breeze-block huts and a potholed road, and surrounded by…

7. St Thomas' Tower

2.64 MILES

This small 17th-century fortress lies at the northern point of St Thomas Bay. It was built by the Knights of St John after a Turkish raiding party landed…

8. Għar Ħasan Cave

2.65 MILES

Għar Ħasan Cave lies within the cliff-bound coastline south of Birżebbuġa. From Birżebbuġa follow the road towards Żurrieq, then turn left on the minor…