Kubah National Park


Mixed dipterocarp forest, among the lushest and most threatened habitats in Borneo, is front and centre at this 22-sq-km national park, which more than lives up to its clunky motto, ‘the home of palms and frogs’. Scientists have found here an amazing 98 species of palm, out of 213 species known to live in Sarawak; and they have identified 61 species of frog and toad out of Borneo’s more than 190 species.

In 2012 researchers identified what they believe to be a new species of frog, adding it to a list that includes the aptly named (but oddly shaped) horned frog and a flying frog that can glide from tree to tree thanks to the webbing between its toes. The forest is also home to a wide variety of orchids.

Kubah’s trails offer a good degree of shade, making the park ideal for the sun averse. And when you’re hot and sweaty from walking you can cool off under a crystal-clear waterfall.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Palm Garden

0.11 MILES

In this labelled garden, near park HQ on the Main Trail, you'll find examples of the 98 species of palm growing in the park.

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