Cat Museum


This homage to the city’s namesake, located 8km north of the centre, features hundreds of entertaining, surprising and bizarre kucing (cat) figurines – some the size of a cow, others tiny – alongside detailed presentations on ‘Cats in Malay Society’ and ‘Cats in Chinese Art’. By the time you reach the exhibits on 'Cats in Stamps' and 'Cats in Film' (in which Bond villain Blofeld's mog features), you may feel it's all getting a little silly.

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1. Kuching North City Hall

0.02 MILES

Situated 8km north of the city centre is the hilltop Kuching North City Hall (known by its Malay abbreviation, DBKU), a landmark prestige project – some…

2. Astana

1.76 MILES

Built by Charles Brooke in 1869, the Astana (a local word meaning 'palace’) – conveniently labelled in giant white letters – and its manicured gardens…

3. Orchid Garden


Sarawak's state flower, the Normah orchid, is just one of the 82 species growing in these peaceful gardens and greenhouse nursery. Other Borneo orchids to…

4. Robo-Cats


The sculpture consists of sinister-looking metal cats that glare down at you with menacing hollow eyes.

5. Indian Mosque

1.93 MILES

Turn off Jln India (between No 37 and No 39A) or waterfront Jln Gambier (between No 24 and No 25A) onto tiny Indian Mosque Lane (Lg Sempit) and you enter…

6. Darul Hana Bridge

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Linking the northern and southern parts of Kuching, the city's spectacular pedestrian bridge (335m) is constructed to resemble the letter 'S' (for Sarawak…

7. Kuching Mosque

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Built in 1968, Kuching Mosque was the state mosque until a larger one was built in 1990 at Petra Jaya. The mosque's gold domes are particularly beautiful…

8. Sarawak State Assembly

1.96 MILES

Inaugurated in 2009, the iconic home of the State Assembly on the north bank of Sungai Sarawak is an imposing structure whose soaring golden roof is said…