Sri Srinivasagar Kaliamman Hindu Temple


This usually peaceful temple comes alive with the chanting of traditional Hindu songs on Friday.

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Nearby Kuching attractions

1. Cat Column

0.26 MILES

On the roundabout, the Cat Column features four cats around the bottom and four hibiscus flowers near the top – the latter are just below the cat-adorned…

2. Tun Jugah Foundation

0.29 MILES

The textile gallery and museum of this charitable foundation, which aims to promote and preserve Iban culture, has excellent exhibits on Iban ikat (tie…

3. Cat Fountain

0.34 MILES

An assemblage of polychrome cats who pose and preen amid the passing cars.

4. Great Cat of Kuching


A 2.5m-high white pussycat with wire whiskers is perched at the eastern end of Jln Padungan on a traffic island just outside the Chinese ceremonial gate…

5. Tua Pek Kong Temple

0.41 MILES

Tua Pek Kong, atop the red wedding-cake structure on Jln Padungan at the end of Main Bazaar, is the most popular temple in town for Chinese residents.

6. Kucing Kucing

0.43 MILES

Perhaps the nicest of Kuching's several statues of kucing (cats) is Gaye Porter's life-size bronze sculpture of playful felines cavorting on the lawn…

7. Chinese History Museum

0.45 MILES

Housed in the century-old Chinese Court building, this museum provides an excellent introduction to the nine major Chinese communities – each with its own…

8. Waterfront Promenade

0.46 MILES

The south bank of Sungai Sarawak along Main Bazaar and Jln Gambier is a lovely tree-shaded promenade, with walkways, lawns and food stalls. It's a fine…