Old Anglican Cemetery


A number of the gravestones here – there are just a few dozen – go back to the 1840s.

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1. Hin Ho Bio

0.06 MILES

It's easy to miss this temple, tucked away on the roof of the Kuching Hainan Association. Go up the staircase to the top floor and you'll come to a vivid…

2. Hiang Thian Siang Temple

0.06 MILES

This temple, rebuilt shortly after the fire of 1884, serves the Teochew congregation as a shrine to Shang Di (the Emperor of Heaven). On the 15th day of…

3. St Thomas’s Cathedral

0.06 MILES

Facing Padang Merdeka (Independence Sq) and its monumental kapok tree, Kuching’s Anglican cathedral (1954) has a mid-20th-century look and, inside, a…

4. Bishop's House

0.08 MILES

Kuching’s oldest building, the Bishop's House was constructed – in 1849, with admirable solidness – by a German shipwright.

5. Harmony Arch

0.09 MILES

An ornate arch that marks the official entrance to Kuching's Chinatown district.

6. Sarawak Textile Museum


Housed in a ‘colonial Baroque’–style building constructed in 1909, this museum displays some superb examples of traditional Sarawakian textiles, including…

7. Kapok Tree

0.13 MILES

Huge and ancient tree on Padang Merdeka (Independence Sq).

8. Hong San Si Temple

0.15 MILES

Thought to date to around 1840, this fine Hokkien Chinese temple with intricate rooftop dragons was fully restored in 2004. There's a big celebration here…