Northern Madagascar


National Park in Parc National de Marojejy

Parc National Marojejy

This is one of Madagascar’s flagship parks. Consisting of more than 550 sq km of pristine mountainous rainforest, it covers the Marojejy massif, an area of magnificent scenery. Attractions here are the highly...

Beach in The West Coast


Far and away Nosy Be’s best beach, Andilana, at the island’s northwest tip, is a long stretch of pearly white sand, with water that’s true azure and clear as gin. It’s ideal for swimming and chilling for an...

Nature Reserve in Réserve Spéciale Anjanaharibe Sud

Réserve Spéciale Anjanaharibe-Sud

A place of outstanding beauty and solitude, this little-visited 286-sq-km reserve is the northernmost outpost of the black indri. It is also home to the silky sifaka, white-fronted brown lemurs and some...

National Park in Parc National Montagne d’Ambre

Parc National Montagne d’Ambre

This wonderful national park is literally a breath of fresh air from the arid northern plains: at 1000m, it is generally 10°C cooler than Diego or Ankarana, even more in winter, and its luxuriant forests could...

Nature Reserve in Nosy Be

Parc National Marin de Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely is a protected marine reserve 10km south of Nosy Be. It's one of the best snorkelling sites in the area, with coral, numerous fish and sea turtles.Snorkelling is best in the morning, before the wind...

Nature Reserve in Antsiranana Region

Camp Andrafiamena Andavakoera

Located 60km south of Diego Suarez, then 20km east, this camp is perched on a ridge overlooking the rainforest. This is the last refuge of the black sifakas (Propithecus perrieri) and guides lead walks to see...

National Park in Réserve Spéciale Ankarana

Réserve Spéciale Ankarana

This striking and undeveloped fantasy land is home to uniquely Malagasy sights: psychedelic fields of spiky tsingy (limestone pinnacle formations) next to dry forests. Running through and under the tsingy are...

Island in Nosy Be

Nosy Iranja

The gorgeous Nosy Iranja, southwest of Nosy Be, consists of two islands: larger, inhabited Nosy Iranja Be (about 2 sq km) and tiny Nosy Iranja Kely (0.13 sq km). The islands are connected by a 1.5km-long sand...

Beach in The West Coast


On a small bay just north of Madirokely, Ambondrona is more tranquil than its southern neighbours, with lovely views of the mainland hills across the sea.

Plantation in Ambanja

Millot Plantations

This beautiful plantation, established in 1904, is a leading producer of organic cocoa, spices and essential oils, and a visit to this little slice of paradise is not only highly informative but a true festival...

Landmark in Antsiranana Region

Tsingy Rouges

One of Madagascar’s most awesome natural wonders, these scraggly pinnacles – erosion’s work of art – are made of laterite, an iron oxide–rich soil with an intense red-brick colour. These surreal formations stand...

Plantation in Sava Region

Domaine d’Ambohimanitra

Meaning 'hill of perfumes', the Domaine d'Ambohimanitra produces various types of vanilla on its 60 hectares along with cinnamon, ravintsara, allspice and cloves. On a 2½-hour visit you will learn about...

Plantation in Sava Region

Soavoanio Coconut Plantation

This enormous coconut plantation extends across 50 sq km, where the trees march away into the distance in strict lines. On the two-hour visit you will see germination, seedlings and processing of the nuts into...

Gardens in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

Jardin Tropical

Set in a cyclone-ravaged Creole house in the French residential quarter, the Jardin Tropical provides a welcome, leafy green space in the centre of town. Three areas of garden – primary forest, rock and full sun...

Viewpoint in Nosy Be

Mont Passot

Mt Passot (329m), Nosy Be’s loftiest point, lies about 15km northwest of Hell-Ville (two-hour drive). It’s a good spot for admiring sunsets and the sweeping panorama. It’s also one of the best places to see Nosy...

Nature Reserve in Andapa

Réserve National d'Antanetiambo

Just 6km north of Andapa, this reserve is supported by the Lemur Conservation Foundation and run by Désiré Rabary. You can spot northern bamboo lemurs and mouse lemurs in the forest and a multitude of birds in...

Distillery in Nosy Be

Lemuria Land

This is a truly beautiful plantation full of ylang-ylang trees climbing up the hillsides, with mangroves along the river. The entrance fee includes the zoo as well as a tour of the distillery.

Plantation in Sava Region


The affable Jean Michel Besinoa delights in showing off his 70,000-sq-metre plantation featuring cocoa, pepper, ginger, two types of turmeric and various fruits including litchis, guavas, corossol and the...

Historic Site in Hell-Ville (Andoany)

Sacred Banyan Tree

On the coast beyond tiny Mahatsinjo village, there's an enormous sacred banyan tree planted by the Queen of the Sakalava tribe in 1836. Nowadays, the Queen of Nosy Be makes an annual pilgrimage to sacrifice a...

Nature Reserve in Nosy Komba

Lemur Park

In this small park, the black lemurs are wild, but locals feed them bananas so that the animals will eat off your hand or jump on your shoulder for that perfect photo op. The practice is detrimental to the...