Camp Andrafiamena Andavakoera

Northern Madagascar

Located 60km south of Diego Suarez, then 20km east, this camp is perched on a ridge overlooking the rainforest. This is the last refuge of the black sifakas (Propithecus perrieri) and guides lead walks to see them (2½ hours Ar15,000), to a natural pool (five hours, Ar25,000) and other circuits to the tsingy and caves. The nearby village of Anjakahely is famous for its perfumed rice. Bungalows are very comfortable, with nets and bathrooms, and meals are available (menu Ar35,000).

Turn off the RN6 at the village of Marotaolana, 80km south of Diego Suarez and 64km northeast of Ambilobe. The badly rutted road from Marotaolana to Anjakahely will take about 30 minutes in a 4WD in dry season (April to November).

Bookings can be made at the Association Fanamby in Diego Suarez.

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1. Tsingy Meva

16.3 MILES

This tsingy extends from the northern part of Ankarana and into the southern part of the Parc National de Montagne d'Ambre. It's a two to three hour hike…

2. Réserve Spéciale Ankarana

17.29 MILES

This striking and undeveloped fantasy land is home to uniquely Malagasy sights: psychedelic fields of spiky tsingy (limestone pinnacle formations) next to…

3. Perte des Rivières

17.73 MILES

A massive rock chasm into which three of the park’s rivers plunge during the rainy season (they emerge 20km later in the Mozambique Channel). It's an easy…

4. Tsingy Rary

17.81 MILES

The hike here takes three to four hours and is not difficult. Here you notice the difference between the limestone and volcanic rocks. Birds to look out…

5. Tourelles

18.01 MILES

Reaching this turret-shaped tsingy will take about three to four hours and is an easy walk. You will need to cross a small river during the wet season…

6. Tsingy Rouges

18.52 MILES

One of Madagascar’s most awesome natural wonders, these scraggly pinnacles – erosion’s work of art – are made of laterite, an iron oxide–rich soil with an…

7. Grotte des Chauves-Souris

18.79 MILES

The impressive Grotte des Chauves-Souris (bat) cave has superb stalactites and stalagmites, and thousands of bats (eight species, including Commerson's…

8. Petits Tsingy

18.97 MILES

An easily accessible area of tsingy, these karst formations are close to the Grotte des Chauves-Souris or Bat Cave. The plants here are xerophytes,…