Lemurs' Park

Wildlife Reserve in Antananarivo Highlands

You will find nine species of lemur at this private reserve located 22km west of the capital on the RN1. It's a good place to visit if you haven't had the chance to see lemurs elsewhere, or if you need one final lemur fix before you go! The lemurs are free-ranging (except for the two nocturnal species, which are confined to rather small cages) and well habituated, so you'll see them up close. There are about 50 individual lemurs including Coquerel sifakas, ring-tail lemurs and black-and-white ruffed lemurs.

Most of the animals are former pets or individuals that were threatened in their natural habitat, and the reserve has a breeding program together with other private sanctuaries.

Nestled on a bend of the River Katsaoka, the 5-hectare park is a beautiful and tranquil spot. The park can arrange transfers from Tana if you don't have your own vehicle: it costs Ar60,000/70,000 return for one/two people, including admission. Call ahead to arrange.