Parc de Tsarasaotra

Wildlife Reserve in Antananarivo

Lake Alarobia may be located at the heart of Antananarivo's industrial area, but it is a vital refuge and nesting site for 14 threatened endemic bird species such as the Madagascar pond heron, Meller's duck and Madagascar little grebe. The site is classified RAMSAR (International Convention on Wetlands), a treaty highlighting the importance and fragility of wetlands and protecting key sites, and the reserve is privately managed by tour operator Boogie Pilgrim.

Accessing the site is, sadly, a bit of a mission as tickets can only be obtained from Boogie Pilgrim's office in Tana Water Front during office hours. This is particularly disappointing for keen birdwatchers who will want to get there first thing in the morning, which means getting your tickets the day before. A taxi from Tana Water Front to the park will cost you around Ar5000 to Ar8000.