North Macedonia

Cradled by the foothills on the western edge of Pelister, little Brajčino's lungs are fit to bursting with fresh mountain air, making it a thoroughly idyllic place to pitch up. Rushing water resounds around the village, cherry trees blossom in spring and migrating swallows stop by; traditional rural architecture adds further charm. There are five churches and a monastery hidden in the leafy environs circling this well-kept village and a two- to three-hour, well-marked trail takes in all of them.

Brajčino is on the other side of the park to the single road that climbs into the heart of the Pelister. Hence, it's a longer hike from here up to Pelister's glacial mountaintop lakes (there's a marked trail from the village: plan for around 12 hours for this walk). The village lies within winking distance of Lake Prespa, however, and makes a good base if you wish to explore both the lake and the mountains.

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1. Agios Germanos Watermill

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Built in 1930 to take advantage of the Agios Germanos River, this handsome old stone mill has been restored to working order by the dedicated folk of the…

2. Lake Prespa

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Prespa is separated from its sister lake, Ohrid, by Galičica National Park and a road crosses the ridge of the park, linking the two. Prespa's mirrorlike…

3. Golem Grad

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Adrift on Lake Prespa, Golem Grad was once the king's summer playground but is now home to wild tortoises, cormorants and pelicans, and perhaps a few…

4. Dihovo

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Propping up the base of Pelister, just 5km from Bitola, the 830m-high mountainside hamlet of Dihovo is a charming spot, surrounded by thick pine forests…

5. Heraclea Lyncestis

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Located 1km south of central Bitola, Heraclea Lyncestis is among North Macedonia's best archaeological sites, though the neglected state of the on-site…

6. Museum of Bitola

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Bitola's history museum is a little unkempt but has interesting displays on local archaeology, regional architecture, revolutionary history and the area's…

7. Širok Sokak

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Bitola's Širok Sokak is the city's best-known, most lively street – its multicoloured facades and European honorary consulates attest to the city's…

8. Church of Sveti Dimitrij

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This Orthodox church (1830) has some rich frescoes, ornate lamps and a huge iconostasis. Sometimes weddings are held here and it's worth checking if there…