Ķemeri Park


The former resort's central park offers melancholy hints of what once was and what might be again. Amidst the manicured lawns are dishevelled features in need of some love, like the once-stunning Love Island Rotunda and the faded wrought-iron bridges with romantic names such as Bridge of Sighs or Bridge of Caprices. Shed a tear for the ruins that were once the Bathing Facility.

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1. St Peter-Paul Orthodox Church


Built in 1893 and now beautifully restored, St Peter-Paul Orthodox Church is the oldest place of worship in Ķemeri and, if you look closely, you’ll notice…

2. Hotel Ķemeri

0.17 MILES

You can't miss the Hotel Ķemeri. Known as the ‘White Ship’, it was built during Latvia’s brief period of independence in the 1930s, and has one of the…

3. Lizard Spring

0.27 MILES

The area’s spring water is perfectly potable and supposedly quite healthy. Try filling your water bottle at the Lizard, a stone sculpture at the mouth of…

4. Jūrmala Beach

11.41 MILES

Jūrmala's ribbon of white sand stretches for 24km. The sand is hard-packed and ideal for walking – or packing into sand sculptures or castles – and the…

5. Art Rezidence ‘Inner Light’

11.52 MILES

Local Russian artist Vitaliy Yermolayev runs this studio out of his home and dabbles with a secret recipe for glow-in-the-dark paint by creating portraits…

6. Jūrmala City Museum

11.62 MILES

This well-funded museum features a cool permanent exhibit detailing Jūrmala’s colourful history as the go-to resort town in the former USSR. One popular…

7. Vaivari Sanatorium

13.21 MILES

On the main road 5km west of Majori, this gaudy beachfront Soviet-era sanatorium resembles a giant, beached cruise ship that’s been mothballed since the…

8. Jūrmala Open Air Museum

16.39 MILES

Before the clothing of choice in Jūrmala was the bikini (with or without a parka), the peninsula was home to fishing people who eked out a living through…