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$415.66 Cultural & Theme Tours

8 days unforgettable natural and cultural tour in Kyrgyzstan

Day 1. Airport Manas - Bishkek – Ala Archa National                                                                    Visiting Ala Archa alpine National Park, Bishkek city tour - Ala too aquare and Osh bazaar, Panfilov Park,Historical museum  Day 2. Bishkek - Cholpon Ata (Issyk Kul Lake)       Departure to Cholpon Ata through the north shore of Issyk-Kul lake. On the way visiting we will visit Burana Tower, which was the capital of the Karakhanid Empire in the 9th century. Lunch in Kyrgyz family near the tower, here we will eat Kyrgyz National dishes. Depart to Cholpon-Ata. We will visit Cholpon Ata historical museum and petroglyphs.       Day 3. Cholpon Ata – Grigoriev gorge - Karakol       In the morning, we set-off to Karakol via Grigoriev gorge This gorge is one of the most famous and beautiful natural sights of Issyk-Kul Lake. Departing to Karakol. Visiting Prjevalski museum in Karakol                       Day 4. Karakol – Jety Oguz – Fairy Tale Canyon – Almaluu Yurt campAfter breakfast city tour in Karakol. Sightseeing: Dungan Mosque, Russian Orthodox church and local bazaar. Lunch in a local restaurant in Karakol. We move from Karakol to Djety-Oguz valley with main attractions such as Broken Heart and Seven Bulls. After that we will visit the Fairy Tale Canyon is located on the southern shore of lake.  Day 5.Almaluu Yurt camp – Son-Kul lake                 After breakfast we depart to Son Kul. Lake Son Kul is a mountainous lake on the altitude of 3016 meters above the sea level.Here we can organize for you horses, and you can try to ride a horse.It is the best opportunity for people who would like to experience the real nomadic life and culture. Dinner.              Day 6. Son-Kul lake – Kochkor - Chon Kemin Nature Park                                                             After breakfast departure to Chon Kemin, valley is a unique natural environment with diverse flora and fauna that features beautiful landscapes, from semi-deserts to glaciers.Dinner and overnight in a local Guest House. Lunch in Kyrgyz Family in Kochkor. Dinner in Chon-Kemin Guest house.  Day 7. Chon-Kemin - Kegety gorge and waterfall - Bishkek                                                           After breakfast departure to Kegety gorge. Kegety Gorge is home to numerous streams, alpine meadows, and spruce forests. One stream in particular crescendos into a beautiful waterfall that is one of the most visited features within Kegety Gorge. Back to Bishkek.                       Day 8. Bishkek – Manas airport                       Meeting at the hotel, then we go to airport Manas. End of the service. 

$450 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Winter tour in Kyrgyzstan

Capacity of 1 car 3-5 person:This price includes English speaking Driver and Guide,Transportation,Delivery to any part of city to Hotels,4 times per day to the restaurants or kafes and total information of every Place in staying plan,such as Hotels,Restaurants,Guesthouses,Interesting places and resorts...Driver will always have Information listing.On our information listing we have all informations of prices,quality and pictures of every Hotels,Restaurants and Resorts in every city which is in our staying plan,so you can choose by yourself in every city in which Hotel or guesthouse you want to stay or in which restaurant or kafe you want to have a meal.Driver will always have Information listing.Approx prices (depending on quality)Prices depends on your choice!Meals:Restaurant: 3$ - 15 $ (prices on menu)Kafe: 2$ - 6 $ (prices on menu)Guesthouse meal: 2$ - 4 $Staying:Hotel: 20$ - 200$ (prices in booking sites)guesthouse and hostels: 10$ - 20$ (prices in booking sites)Ski - pass 15$ - 20 $   If you want to have tour with accommodation :Normal:Hotel+3 times meal in restaurant: 50$ per day for 1 person;Econom:Guest house or Hostel+3 times meal in kafe or guesthouse: 30$ per day for 1 person; 1 Bishkek -  Cholpon Ata - Chon oruktu 265 кm2 Cholpon Ata - Karakol - Teploklyuchenko 160 кm3 Karakol - Ski base In Karakol 22 кm4 Karakol – Jeti Oguz - Waterfall 31 кm5 Jeti  Oguz - Barskoon Waterfall - Bokonbaevo 150 кm6 Bokonbaevo - Bishkek 272 km

$200 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Fishing in river Kokomeren tour

The first stopping place will be the Too-Ashuu Pass, where you can take photos on the beautiful view of the pass, admire the panoramic view. You will pass the longest tunnel in the country before, and on the road you can stop to try Kyrgyz snack “Kurut”-  small dried salty yogurt balls. Literally every moment of the trip will be accompanied with a view of beautiful mountain slopes, forests and a big river. Going down with the bank of the river you will see the confluence of Karakol and Suusamyr rivers. Then you will stop in the village of Kojomkul, there you will have an excursion to the Kojomkul Museum - the museum is named after the legendary Kyrgyz strongman-hero, who lived in the late XIX - early XX century. You will have lunch in the mountain village Kyzyl-Oi - in the valley of Kokomeren river. The red clay covering the mountains from the foots to the peaks gives wonderful color to whole place. Around the village of Kyzyl-Oi there are many untouched places with unique flora and fauna and wonderful ecology that will allow the traveler to have a good rest away from civilization and to comprehend unity with nature.After lunch the rest of the day will be dedicated to Fishing in Kokomeren River.  It is exciting experience and entertainment - fishing. It can be very thoughtful and peaceful, at the same time very active, bringing you unforgettable feelings of catching the fish by your own. Dinner, rest and overnight in the village.   The second day of the tour begins in the morning after breakfast. You will drive back along the road through the village of Kochkor on the way back to Bishkek. Lunch in the Kochkor village. You can do souvenir shopping at the local bazaar. The next stop will be in the water reservoir Orto - Tokoi. The picturesque views of the Orto-Tokoi will help you to leave memorable photos. You will return back to Bishkek through the Boom Gorge. The Boom gorge is a kind of thread that connects the three regions - Chui, Issyk-Kul and Naryn. You will visit Ak-Tyuz Gorge. Translated from Kyrgyz language  “Ak-Tyuz ” means "white valley". Here the clay has a whitish color, because it contains a large amount of salt. You can see the unique sight of the Ak-Tyuz valley - the fountain, striking to a height of 15 meters. It's worth to see how water rises even above the tops of conifers. It also beautiful place for a short hike and horse riding (if available). Return to Bishkek in the evening.

$1064 Multi-day & Extended Tours


After you are picked up at the airport, enjoy a comfortable ride to Cholpon-Ata city with a stop for a meal. Upon arrival to the city, you may take a rest, stroll along the lake Issyk-kul and have delicious dinner. The next day you will explore the city and have excursion in the famous cultural center “Ruh Ordo”. Then you will visit petroglyphs of Cholpon-Ata, that constitute a temple under the open sky, where the religious rituals were performed associated with the spiritual world and life of the nomadic population of Issyk-Kul, optional visit to historical museum. In the evening, you will witness the Grand Opening Ceremony of The World Nomad Games, which includes many famous entertainers from the participating countries and around the world.On the 3rd day, you will head to watch competitions in the ethnic sport games, such as: Kok-Boru, Ordo or Salburun - the hunting with eagles, and many more. You will also be able to see cultural performances and ethnic bazaars at different locations. Enjoy the traditional dinner and rest in the evening. The next day will be spent in the Kyrchyn Gorge, where colorful performances of different cultures will take place. You will be able not only watch the different sport games, but also enjoy the culture, ethnic dances, songs, crafts and food. You will have the chance to see and participate in the amazing nomad fest and ethnic fair. This evening you can choose to stay in the Yurt for overnight to feel the nomadic lifestyle inside (optional on prior request) or return to the hotel.The 5th day enjoy the continuation of festival and witness ethnic sports of Er-Enish, Toguz Korgool, Jirith, archery and many others.In the evening optional to stay for Nomadic Fest “Universe of Nomads” with concert performance and bazaar. The 6th day  will be packed with all the actions of the nomadic games, watch the finals of all equestrian competitions: Er-enish, Jirith and etc.      This day it also will be closing of Kyrchyn Gorge and Nomadic Fest “Universe of Nomads”. Have a relaxed evening and dinner. The next day you will head to Karakol, on the way there is a stop for swimming in hot springs for 1 hour in Oruktu. It will be good resting experience for you to try different temperature of swimming pools with hot springs. Explore the city of Karakol with our experienced guide and and enjoy local traditional food for lunch. Return to Cholpon-Ata city for the overnight.The 8th day you can spend time on the beach, or independently choose the locations and watch the final games. In the evening, watch a spectacular Closing Ceremony of the World Nomad Games. Return to the hotel. Rest. The next day head to Bishkek and on the way visit tower of Burana, a UNESCO heritage site and Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival to Bishkek, have a city tour and visit its famous sights. Enjoy a traditional dinner in the best restaurant of the city and have a rest in the evening. Depart the next day.

$899 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Highlights of Kyrgyzstan around Issyk-Kul lake

On a first day, you will be picked up and head to the village of Bokonbaevo.On the way  you will visit Burana Tower an ancient minaret, UNESCO Heritage. You will have an excursion throughout the complex, go to the museum and see the panorama view.  Arrival to Bokonbaevo village, where you will acquainted you with simple rural life and with the original Kyrgyz traditions. Lunch will be served in traditional way in one of the yurts, where you will have national food. At a yurt camp, you can learn about the yurt installation process. (Optional to arrange demonstration of yurt installation where you can even participate.) Watch the Kyrgyz Folklore performance for the Dinner. In the evening, on the open area, they will set up a movie for your, if it rains, the film will be shown in the guest yurt.On a second day, travel to the Canyon Skazka (Fairytale). The canyon is an amazing place where sandy red formations take various fabulous forms. Walking along this gorge brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also unity with nature. On the way back, you will have the chance to meet berkutchi, who will share the story of hunting with golden eagles, their habits and features. Demonstration of the eagle hunting can be arranged for tourists for an additional fee. Visit Jeti-Oguz gorge the next day, a picturesque mountain gorge in Kyrgyzstan. On the way you will also visit Barskoon Waterfall and the holy place of "Mandjyly-Ata". "Mandjyly-Ata" is a valley, with  labyrinth of shallow gorges between clay hilly steppes and healing springs. The name "Jeti-Oguz" (translated as "seven bulls") came from a chain of weathered red rocks, similar to bulls lying on the ground, and became a visiting card of the gorge. For an additional fee, you can ride horses and try traditional dishes in yurts. On a fourth day, you will have an excursion in Karakol city. For lunch, try the famous local dish - Ashlyan-Fu. Contiue the excursion and rest in the evening.The 5th day you will head back to Bishkek through the northern shore of the Issyk-Kul lake. You will stop at Oruktu village for hot springs swimming for 1 hour. Continue your trip with the stop for lunch in Cholpon-Ata. After lunch you will visit the famous cultural center of Ruh Ordo. Then you will visit the petroglyphs located between the northern and north-western outskirts of the city of Cholpon-Ata and the southern part of the Kungei Ala-Too mountain range. Petroglyphs (rock carvings) of Cholpon-Ata represent a big open-air temple where religious rituals related to the spiritual world and the life of the nomadic population of Issyk-Kul were performed. Depart to Bishkek. On a 6th day, there is a short trip to National Park Ala-Archa. There you will have a small trek to the river, surrounded by high junipers on the snow covered peaks even during summer time. In the afternoon explore the Bishkek city with our experienced guide. Departure the next day.

$1020 Shore Excursions

Short Tour around Issyk - Kul lake

Our first stop at the Burana Tower - today the tower is a heritage of UNESCO and Kyrgyzstan. You will have a tour to whole complex, an excursion to Tower and a panoramic view from the Tower itself. In addition you will also be able to see the balbalas that are located around and were created by the ancient Turkic tribes. Visiting the whole territory will help you to move into the atmosphere of the 12th century and see firsthand the most ancient artifacts. Stop for lunch at the Food Zone. After we will continue our trip through the Boom Gorge is a kind of a thread that connects the three regions - Chui, Issyk-Kul and Naryn. On the road you can enjoy beautiful views of high mountains - somewhere steep and rocky, as well as the rapid flow of the Chu River. Arrival to the Ruh Ordo. You will visit the famous cultural center of Ruh Ordo named after the famous writer of Kyrgyzstan Chingiz Aitmatov.  After excursion departure towards Karakol city. Have dinner and overnight at the guest house. After breakfast you will go to explore Karakol city. It will be city tour with visiting the Dungan mosque, the Holy Trinity Orthodox church, the memorial complex of the museum with the tomb of the Russian explorer of Central Asia N.M. Przhevalsky.Time for lunch. You will taste the  local food Ash-lyamfu.Next you will drive to Jeti-Oguz mountains. The name "Jeti-Oguz" (translated as "seven bulls") came from a chain of weathered red rocks, similar to bulls lying on the ground, and became a visiting card of the gorge. You will also see there the rock named “Broken Heart”.Next stop is “Mandjyly-Ata”. It is the holy place of "Mandjyly-Ata". "Mandjyly-Ata" is a valley, with  labyrinth of shallow gorges between clay hilly steppes and healing springs.Then you will arrive to the guest house. You will have national food for the dinner You will have the chance to meet experienced berkutchi, who will share the story of hunting with golden eagles, their habits and features. Then you will go to the Canyon Skazka (Fairytale). The canyon is an amazing place where sandy red formations take various fabulous forms.