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Outside the crowded city centre, with its international restaurants and smart cafes, you'll find yourself in the quaint Turkic hillside neighbourhoods that have defined the city for centuries, where the call to prayer still sounds from minarets overlooking the city's terracotta roofs and where the bustling bazaar remains the focal point of daily life.

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$57.09 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kosovo Day Trip: Pristina and Prizren Tour from Skopje

Tour starts with pick up from your hotel in Skopje, traveling to Pristina where you will meet your local guide.Firstly you will visit the monastery of Gracanica and after that you will arrive in Pristina. Here you will take a tour and see: the Kosova National Library that represents a modern architectural design, the Mother Teresa statue – born Gonxhe Bojaxhiu-, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg statue, Open Air Archeological Park with artifacts from Neolithic period, the Kosova Museum that was built by Austrians for the Turkish army in 1898 and has an extensive collection of archaeological and ethnological artifacts including the Neolithic Goddesses on a Throne terracotta; Çarshi Mosque which is Pristina oldest building constructed on 15th century by Turkish Sultan Bajazit; the Academy Building which is a 19th century Ottoman konak style private houses; the Clock Tower, a 26 meter high built by Jashar Pasha on 1764; the Fatih Mosque or Imperial Mosque built on 1461 under the Turkish Sultan Mehmed II Fatih; The Great Hammam bath complex built in 1470 and graced with 15 domes with small holes to let light stream in. Also the ethnographic museum, Emin Gjiku complex is a extremely well preserved building from 18th Century and it’s a the only original building left in old bazaar area. The tour finishes with the visit of Gazimestan Tower.You continue to Prizren. Here you will do a walking tour which includes the attractive Ottoman Old Town, known for its gold and silver filigree craftsmen, the hammam, the museum of Prizren League, the Helveti Tekke, Sinia Pasha Mosque and the church of Our Lady of Ljevis. Prizren has the largest number of preserved Ottoman buildings in Kosovo, so simply wandering the old cobbled streets admiring the town houses, mosques and tekkes is a delight. After little break for resting, you will return in Skopje.

$61.65 Tours & Sightseeing

Pristina Half-day Walking Tour

After breakfast, take a walk through Pristina, exploring its main attractions in the city centre and surroundings including the Mother Teresa Boulevard, the monument of Scanderbeg (Albanian National Hero), the Clock Tower, Kosovo Government buildings and the 'New Born' monument which is becoming the symbol of this new state. Of particular interest are the Ottoman period mosques of Prishtina with probably the most beautiful, being the Fatih Mosque dating back to 1461 during the golden era of Sultan Mehmet II. Its huge ceiling domed cupola crowns a splendidly painted floral interior of Arabesque design. Nearby is Pristina's oldest building, the Çarshia Mosque completed in 1389. We end our tour with a visit to the Ethnographic Museum situated in a typical Ottoman architecture house, beautifully stocked with original artefacts which testify to the traditions and way of living of the people in Kosovo.

$74.21 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Full Day Trip to Pristina and Prizren from Skopje

• Our driver/guide will pick you up from your hotel or any location of your preference in Skopje, with a comfortable A/C car/minivan and take you to Kosovo. The first stop, just before arriving to Pristina, is the beautiful 14th century Gracanica Monastery. The tour continues to Pristina, with a sightseeing tour of Pristina where you will be able to see the Cathedral Mother Teresa, the Pristina University and National Library of Pristina, the Scenderbeg Square and statue, followed by a walk through Nane Theresa pedestrian, the Old Bazaar and the Ethnographic museum –  Emin Gjaku. After a lunch break, in the afternoon, the tour continues to the picturesque, small town Prizren to see part of the rich cultural heritage of the town. The guide will lead you through the town to see the Stone Bridge, the medieval St. George church, the Catholic church, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Bajrakli Mosque, the Hammam, the house of Prizren League, through the many craft shops of which the golden and silver felegree work stand out to be recognized as real masterpieces of the craftsmen in Prizren.Some of the places you will most likely pass: Gracanica Monastery Cathedral Mother Teresa University of Pristina National Library Skenderbeg square Nena Teresa pedestrian Carshi Mosque The old bazaar Ethnographic museum -Emin Gjaku NEWBORN monument the Stone Bridge St. George church the Catholic church Sinan Pasha Mosque Bajrakli Mosque the Hammam the House of Prizren League the Shadervan square

$140.43 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Tour of Prizren from Pristina

At 08:30 am our professional guide will pick you up at your hotel in Pristina. Our ride towards Prizren in Kosovo goes through a beautiful landscapes. We arrive in Prizren in about 2 hours from our departure. The river flowing through the heart of the old town and under the many bridges that crisscross the city. If you are looking to experience a lively international experience you should visit Prizren during August, when the medieval city becomes home to one of the most famous short film festivals in the world named Dokufest. The best way to explore the town is by wandering at random through the streets passing by elegant medieval houses that vie for your attention. Filigee artisanal techniques for precious metals are Prizren’s joy and pride. Don’t miss the unique experience for shopping in one of the many filigree shops of the town, where you are welcomed to also see the metalsmithing magic happen. Did you know that The Church of Our Lady of Ljevis is a UNESCO World Heritage site? If you have to choose just one mosque to visit than visit the Sinan Pasha Mosque, rich in arabesque color and pattern. The view from the fortress on the hill above the town offers a great panorama of this astonishing town.Will be visited: • The Old Town • The bazar • The castle • The Ligue of Prizren • Sinan Pasha Mosque • The Church of Our Lady Ljevis • The Archeological Museum and its tower

$35.39 Cultural & Theme Tours

Prishtina Culture & History Sightseeing - Full Day

The tour starts in Prishtina center - Mother Teresa boulevard, or a hotel pick up can be organised based on the agreed arrangement. During the first part of the day, we will visit the two main squares of Prishtina - Skenderbeg square and Mother Teresa square, both named after two important historical figures. Then, a pleasant walk through the main business district - where also the Kosovo government building, Parliament building and Ibrahim Rugova Independence Park are located - will take us to the main Kosovo Museum which houses a large collection of artefacts of different eras, where we can have the chance to spend some time inside this three floor museum and get acquainted with interesting facts. Afterwards, a stop at the nearby Imperial Mosque (built during Sultan Mehmet II reign, 15th century), where in front of the mosque we will also see the city Clock Tower, then followed by a visit inside the Ethnological Museum featuring a complex with several buildings (a mix of Albanian and Ottoman influenced architecture) which now showcase of exhibitions of various cultural artefacts. After this visit, we will stroll down to the city's old bazaar to see where Prishtina city started to build and develop. A short coffe/tea break and then, we will have quick visit at the Newborn square (an artistic symbol of new Kosovo) and to the Heroinat memorial - which honors the sacrifice and contribution of the women of Kosovo during the last war. From there, a short walk will get us to the Mother Teresa Cathedral (including lift access to experience the city views from the top of the cathedral). Soon after it's time for the lunch break, and throughout the city, there is an an abundance of choices of great eateries that serve traditional and contemporary dishes, with menus that satisfy the most refined tastes of food connoisseurs. After the lunch, we will then have a short drive to Ulpiana - the remains of an ancient Roman city named Justiniana Secunda, that played an important role in the development of the main cities in the Roman province of Dardania, mentioned in the 2nd century AD, and consisting of three different sites to be seen and visited. Another short drive after Ulpiana, will take us to the last stop of the tour - Gadime marble Cave. Discovered in 1969, this impressive marble cave is full of quite extraordinary crystallised stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over millions of years and is over 1.2 km deep where around 440m of it can be visited on a guided tour. After the cave visit, we will drive back to Prishtina center, where the tour ends.

$183.82 Private & Custom Tours

Visit Kosovo for two days from Skopje

Day 1: Skopje – Gadima Cave – Gracanica – Ulpiana – PristinaWe will meet in Skopje and transfer to the beautiful Gracanica Orthodox Monastery located a few miles southeast of Pristina. Founded in 1321 Gracanica was commissioned by Serbian King Stefan Milutin and it was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, while in 13 July 2006 it was placed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Just a short drive south is the archaeological site of Ulpiana, the capital of Dardania, an Illyrian kingdom pre-dating the Romans as it was mentioned by Strabo an ancient Greek author. However it flourished under the Roman Empire and was mentioned as a glorious city “Urb Splendisima”. Ulpiana suffered numerous attacks from barbarian tribes and earthquakes. Emperor Justinian rebuilt it and called it “Justiniana Secunda”.On the way to Pristina we will also visit Gadima Cave, a karst limestone cave also known as Marble Cave. It was discovered by chance by a villager cutting stone in 1966 and remains largely unexplored.After these visits will continue in the direction of Pristina here we take a walk through the capital Pristina exploring its main attractions in the centre and surroundings including: National Library, Saint Mother Teresa Cathedral, the Saint Mother Teresa Boulevard, the monument of Scanderbeg (Albanian National Hero), the Clock Tower, Kosovo Government buildings and the “New Born” monument which is becoming the symbol of this new state. Of particular interest are the Ottoman period mosques of Prishtina with probably the most beautiful, being the Fatih Mosque dating back to 1461 during the golden era of Sultan Mehmet II. Its huge ceiling domed cupola crowns a splendidly painted floral interior of Arabesque design. Nearby is Pristina's oldest building, the Çarshia Mosque completed in 1389. We end our tour  with a visit to the National Museum. Overnight in Pristina.Day 2: Pristina - Prizren – SkopjeAfter breakfast we drive to  Prizren, the second largest in the country, is a beautiful city situated on the slopes of the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo, close to the border with Albania. It is a historic city known for the arts and crafts something which becomes obvious as soon as you approach the centre, with cobble stone roads, beautifully crafted shops, bars and restaurants built in a typical Ottoman architecture. Prizren offers some great religious monuments representing different faiths, with the 14th century Orthodox Church of “Our Lady of Ljevis” being the most important, becoming part of the UNESCO list of protected Medieval Monuments of Kosovo in 2006. Other monuments and sites we visit are: The Mosque of Sinan Pasha built in 1615, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (Prizren's main Catholic church from 1870), House of the League of Prizren, the Stone Bridge and bazaar. Departure to Skopje.