Soviet Grain Silo

Top choice in Nur-Sultan (Astana)

This rare relic of the 1950s may be gone in a few years' time, banished by the relentless wrecking ball, but for now you can see this enormous, decaying grain silo, inscribed with 'The Virgin Lands have been raised. The heroic deed continues.' It's a remnant of Nikita Khrushchev's ill-advised plans to make Tselinograd the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, in spite of the unsuitability of the local soil for intensive cultivation.

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2. Museum of the Armed Forces


The yurt-shaped museum showcases beautifully presented exhibitions on weaponry and warfare, with striking murals greeting visitors. On the ground floor,…

3. City Park

2.59 MILES

The large, somewhat-untidy city park abuts the south side of the Ishim river. On its southern edge you'll find the Atameken, a 200m-long, walk-around…

4. Atameken

2.94 MILES

The Atameken – a 200m-long, walk-around country map with models of major buildings – is quite fun.

5. Duman

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Duman is a modern leisure centre most worth visiting for its oceanarium, which has over 3000 creatures from the world’s oceans and a 70m shark tunnel…

6. Khan Shatyr

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Nur-Sultan's most extraordinary building (so far), the Khan Shatyr is a 150m-high, translucent, tentlike structure made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene …

7. Transport & Communications Ministry

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The tall, gleaming, copper Transport & Communications Ministry, has been dubbed the ‘Lighter’ by irreverent locals. Ironically, there was a fire inside…

8. KazMunayGaz


East of Khan Shatyr, across a park, stand the grand headquarters of the state energy company, KazMunayGaz.