Kazakhstan, Astana, Khan Shatyr (by Sir Norman Foster)

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Khan Shatyr

Top choice in Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Nur-Sultan's most extraordinary building (so far), the Khan Shatyr is a 150m-high, translucent, tentlike structure made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a heat-absorbing material that produces summer temperatures inside even when it’s -30°C outside. Touted as a 'lifestyle centre with world-class shopping', from outside it resembles nothing so much as a drunkenly leaning circus tent, while the multilevel interior contains a high-end shopping mall, food court, and various attractions.

There's a drop tower, flume ride and 500m-long monorail (admission for all three 2000T) and, on the top level, the Sky Beach Club with a big swimming pool, sandy beach, palm trees and water slide, where those who can afford it can imagine they're on a tropical coast in the middle of the Eurasian steppe. Opened in 2010, the Khan Shatyr was designed by celebrated British architect Norman Foster and marks, for the moment, the western end of the main axis of new Nur-Sultan.

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Nearby Nur-Sultan (Astana) attractions

1. KazMunayGaz

0.34 MILES

East of Khan Shatyr, across a park, stand the grand headquarters of the state energy company, KazMunayGaz.

2. Transport & Communications Ministry

0.53 MILES

The tall, gleaming, copper Transport & Communications Ministry, has been dubbed the ‘Lighter’ by irreverent locals. Ironically, there was a fire inside…

3. Nur Astana Mosque

0.61 MILES

A block south of the western part of Nurzhol bulvar stands the beautiful four-minaret Nur Astana mosque, opened in 2005. Its prayer hall (for men only –…

4. Emerald Towers

0.81 MILES

Striking office blocks whose tops splay outward like the pages of opening books.

5. Northern Lights

0.82 MILES

These three undulating, light-green apartment towers are a prominent feature of the western part of the boulevard.

6. National Archive

1.04 MILES

The egg-domed National Archive stands just west of the Bayterek Monument.

7. Bayterek Monument

1.14 MILES

Nurzhol bulvar's centrepiece is this 97m-high monument, a white latticed tower crowned by a large glass orb. This embodies a Kazakh legend in which the…

8. Duman

1.18 MILES

Duman is a modern leisure centre most worth visiting for its oceanarium, which has over 3000 creatures from the world’s oceans and a 70m shark tunnel…