Nur-Sultan (Astana)

The Atameken – a 200m-long, walk-around country map with models of major buildings – is quite fun.

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Nearby Nur-Sultan (Astana) attractions

1. Duman

0.12 MILES

Duman is a modern leisure centre most worth visiting for its oceanarium, which has over 3000 creatures from the world’s oceans and a 70m shark tunnel…

2. City Park

0.35 MILES

The large, somewhat-untidy city park abuts the south side of the Ishim river. On its southern edge you'll find the Atameken, a 200m-long, walk-around…

3. Museum of the Armed Forces

0.73 MILES

The yurt-shaped museum showcases beautifully presented exhibitions on weaponry and warfare, with striking murals greeting visitors. On the ground floor,…

5. Transport & Communications Ministry

1.23 MILES

The tall, gleaming, copper Transport & Communications Ministry, has been dubbed the ‘Lighter’ by irreverent locals. Ironically, there was a fire inside…

6. KazMunayGaz

1.26 MILES

East of Khan Shatyr, across a park, stand the grand headquarters of the state energy company, KazMunayGaz.

7. Khan Shatyr


Nur-Sultan's most extraordinary building (so far), the Khan Shatyr is a 150m-high, translucent, tentlike structure made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene …

8. Emerald Towers

1.31 MILES

Striking office blocks whose tops splay outward like the pages of opening books.