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Kazakh, Russian


Top ChoiceCultural in Almaty


The big spring festival, celebrated throughout Central Asia, sees colourful parades in the city, and horse racing and often kokpar (buzkashi; the traditional Central Asian pololike sport played with a headless...

Cultural in Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Astana Day

The day that Nur-Sultan became the capital of Kazakhstan is celebrated in a big way, with the square behind the Palace of Peace & Harmony usually serving as the focus for concerts, a fairground and fireworks....

Cultural in Shymkent


Shymkent’s Navrus (Nauryz) celebrations, on 22 March, are among the biggest in the country. Kokpar, horse races, audaryspak (horseback wrestling) and kyz kuu (a boy-girl horseback chase) all happen at the...

Film in Almaty

Eurasia International Film Festival

Free screenings of dozens of films, mostly from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries but some from Western Europe, over several days, plus occasional fly-ins by Hollywood celebs.

City Festival in Almaty

Almaty Day

The annual city festival sees numerous indoor and outdoor musical events and exhibitions (usually with one dedicated to locally grown apples), and fireworks.