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Shinjuku & Northwest Tokyo

Shinjuku-gyoen was designed as an imperial retreat (completed 1906); since opening to the public in 1951, it has become a favourite destination for Tokyoites seeking a quick escape from the hurly-burly of city life. The spacious manicured lawns are perfect for picnicking. Don’t miss the greenhouse; the Taiwanese-style pavilion (Goryō-tei) that overlooks the garden's central pond; and the cherry blossoms in spring.

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1. Place M

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Run by four veteran artists (including pioneering street photographer Daido Moriyama), this gallery serves as a hub for the city's photography scene…

2. Hanazono-jinja

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Merchants from nearby Kabukichō come to this Shintō shrine to pray for the solvency of their business ventures. Founded in the 17th century, the shrine is…

3. Golden Gai

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Golden Gai – a Shinjuku institution for over half a century – is a collection of tiny bars, often literally no bigger than a closet and seating maybe a…

4. Godzilla Head

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Godzilla, a portmanteau of the Japanese words for gorilla (gorira) and whale (kujira), is king of the kaijū (strange beasts) that ruled Japanese popular…

5. Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

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This Nishi-Shinjuku landmark building (completed in 2008) is a 50-storey webbed tower designed by Tange Associates. Easily identifiable among the blockier…

6. Meiji-jingū

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Tokyo’s grandest Shintō shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shōken, whose reign (1868–1912) coincided with Japan's transformation from…

7. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

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Tokyo's city hall – a landmark building designed by Tange Kenzō – has observatories (202m) atop both the south and north towers of Building 1 (the views…

8. Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

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In a building (1990) by Swiss architect Mario Botta, Watari-Um stages exhibits that range from retrospectives of established art-world figures (such as…