Terrada Art Complex

Odaiba & Tokyo Bay

Part of the re-fashioning of the Tennōzu Isle warehouse district, this charcoal-grey warehouse contains six contemporary galleries: Kodama Gallery (www.kodamagallery.com), Urano (https://urano.tokyo/en), Yamamoto Gendai (www.yamamotogendai.org) and Yuka Tsuruno Gallery (http://yukatsuruno.com) on the 3rd floor and SCAI Park, a new space from SCAI the Bathhouse, and Kosaku Kanechika (http://kosakukanechika.com) on the 5th floor.

Not all the galleries have shows at the same time; check the websites for details. And just a note: the elevator doors don't close by themselves; you'll need to press a button to close them manually after you exit (or else no one below can summon the elevator).

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A very popular photo-op, with the Rainbow Bridge in the background, is this 11m-tall replica of Lady Liberty, a fixture on Odaiba's waterfront since 2000.

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