Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tokyo attractions

1. Sakurada-mon

0.17 MILES

Built in 1636 (and partially restored after the Great Kantō Earthquake in 1923), this is one of the Imperial Palace gates that was part of the original…

2. Kōkyo-gaien Plaza

0.19 MILES

This wide grassy expanse, in the southeast corner of Kōkyo-gaien, has roughly 2000 immaculately maintained Japanese black pine trees that were planted in…

3. Megane-bashi

0.22 MILES

Meaning 'Eyeglass Bridge', this stone bridge from 1888, which can be viewed from the Kōkyo-gaien Plaza, is so nicknamed because its support arches…

4. Hibiya-kōen

0.24 MILES

Built around the turn of the 20th century at the height of the Meiji era, this leafy block was Tokyo’s first European-style park complete with fountains…

5. Nijū-bashi

0.26 MILES

This metal bridge, built in 1888 and within the grounds of the Imperial Palace, was formerly a wooden bridge with two levels, from which its name (meaning…

6. Idemitsu Museum of Arts

0.28 MILES

This museum's excellent collection of Japanese art is sprinkled with Chinese and Korean pottery and a few stray Western pieces – the result of the…

7. Fushimi-yagura

0.31 MILES

This keep, constructed in 1559, once stood on the grounds of Kyoto's since-destroyed Fushimi Castle. It was dismantled and reassembled at Edo-jō by…

8. Hibiya Godzilla Square

0.34 MILES

Godzilla's assault on Tokyo continues apace: first there was the Godzilla Head that appeared on the Toho building in Shinjuku; and now a 3m-tall statue…