Ginza & Tsukiji

Built around the turn of the 20th century at the height of the Meiji era, this leafy block was Tokyo’s first European-style park complete with fountains and ponds. It's a pleasant spot for a break and has many facilities, including a restaurant, an outdoor concert hall and tennis courts.

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1. Hibiya Godzilla Square

0.22 MILES

Godzilla's assault on Tokyo continues apace: first there was the Godzilla Head that appeared on the Toho building in Shinjuku; and now a 3m-tall statue…

2. Iwaida-bashi

0.24 MILES

This bridge provides access to the south of the Kōkyo-gaien Plaza from Hibiya.

3. Idemitsu Museum of Arts

0.32 MILES

This museum's excellent collection of Japanese art is sprinkled with Chinese and Korean pottery and a few stray Western pieces – the result of the…

4. Young Clock Tower

0.34 MILES

Okamoto Tarō created this sculptural clock tower four years before his famed Tower of the Sun for the 1970 expo in Osaka. It stands in Sukiyabashi-kōen, a…

5. METoA Ginza

0.36 MILES

Mitsubishi Electric showcases some of its latest technologies, including robotics, in inventive collaborations with artists at this showroom on one corner…

6. Sakurada-mon

0.37 MILES

Built in 1636 (and partially restored after the Great Kantō Earthquake in 1923), this is one of the Imperial Palace gates that was part of the original…

7. Ginza Sony Park


Up until just after the 2020 Olympics, this corner of the Sukiyabashi crossing will be an innovative public space. At ground level greenery flourishes as …

8. Kōkyo-gaien Plaza

0.41 MILES

This wide grassy expanse, in the southeast corner of Kōkyo-gaien, has roughly 2000 immaculately maintained Japanese black pine trees that were planted in…