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$9.34 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Sengan-en Entrance Ticket

Sengan-en, built in 1658, was a residence of the Shimadzu clan, one of the most powerful samurai clans. It has a breathtaking garden that covers over 12 acres in downtown Kagoshima, Japan. Sengan-en and Shoko Shuseikan, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, is the only site in Japan that combines a beautiful Edo period garden with the modernization of the Meiji period and beyond.It is a unique experience and a must-visit on any trip to Kyushu.The house at Sengan-en lies at the center of the gardens and features a fascinating mix of Japanese, Chinese and Western influences, showcasing the truly international nature of the Shimadzu clan. Decorative, bat-shaped “kugi-kakushi,” or ornamental cover for a nail, adorn the hallways and hide the nails that join the beams and pillars together. Bats were a lucky symbol in China, due to the Chinese word for “bat” sounding similar to the word for “luck.” There are twelve kinds of these decorations around the house, showcasing the attention to detail that went into this magnificent residence.Walking through the corridors and spacious tatami rooms gives one a real sense of how a feudal lord would have lived. The chandeliers and western dinner service in the main reception room remind you of a time when Japan was just beginning to open itself to the rest of the world, and the house was visited by royalty such as Nicholas II of Russia, and Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, showing the power and influence of the Shimadzu clan.In the 1800's, Japan was the only Asian country that was able to replicate an industrial revolution, and here at Sengan-en and the Shoko Shuseikan Museum, you can learn about why exactly this was the case and what the Shimadzu clan had to do with it. The museum is housed in Japan’s oldest remaining former factory, built in 1865.

$399.41 Outdoor Activities

Full Day Jomon Sugi Trekking Tour in Yakushima island

This is one of the most popular tours among tourists due to the fame and grandeur of the Jomon Sugi. However, getting to the Jomon Sugi is no easy feat due to its distance. First, you will walk on the old railroad that goes along the Anbo river. It’s a nice walk through this natural green tunnel, but the surroundings do not change dramatically for about 3 hours.Then, you will trek on the trail for around 2 hours. This part will be tough, but entertaining. You get to see the biggest tree stump! Not only will you see the tree stump, but you'll also get to step in and check how it is like to be inside the stump of other characteristic Yakusugi trees, and finally, the Jomon Sugi.After some time visiting the Jomon Sugi, you will return on the same route back. This tour will be approximately 10 to 11 hours. *Please note: This popular course gets very crowded on the weekends, Japanese holidays and during the summer (from late July to September), even though it’s in the middle of mountain.

$356.62 Outdoor Activities

Walking Tour on Yakushima Island

This is an easy and relaxing tour in the ancient Japanese cedar forest. Even if you do not wish to try trekking at all, you can still enjoy an easy walk in the ancient forest in this course. How about a cup of tea or coffee by the creek?The short course lasts one to two hours and is very safe. So safe that even when it rains, you can continue your walk in the rain as long as you have an umbrella. Please be sure to prepare some rain gear.After your trekking experience, you will be taken on a sightseeing tour around the area. If you wish to spend more time in the forest, the course includes a wild trail with steeper and tougher hiking. The longer you walk, the deeper you will get into the forest, and the deeper you get into the forest, the more you will see.

$356.62 Outdoor Activities

Trekking Tour of Shiratani-Unsuikyo

Dressed in rain gear and wearing sturdy walking shoes, your day begins with a pickup from your centrally located hotel in the Isso and Kurio areas between 8:30am and 9:30am.Greet your local guide and decide which of the three route options you wish to take: For an easier trekking experience, you can choose to walk about three hours into the forest. You will then be taken sightseeing for the rest of the tour's duration. If you choose a full day of trekking, you'll climb up the hill to Taiko-Iwa Rock, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the wide deep green valley and the highest peaks of Yakushima. That depends upon the weather, however; on a misty day, views are severely limited. Take the same route back, for a hike of about 6 hours in total, or, if you would like to enjoy more time in the forest, you can make a detour onto a different route, which is less crowded with tourists (a total of seven hours at most).Lunch is provided during the tour, which ends with a drop-off back at your hotel.

$356.62 Tours & Sightseeing

Full Day Trekking Tour to the Granite Obelisk in Yakushima

This tour will begin as you trek through the breathtaking ancient cedar, or "Yakusugi," forest. Once you reach the peak, you will be surprised by a giant rock pointing out to the sky. This rock is called the "Tenchu-seki" (meaning heaven reaching rock) and is taller than most buildings you see in the cities. Standing at the bottom of the rock and looking up, you will be amazed by its grandeur. From the peak, you can also enjoy the view of Anbo town and the ocean beyond. If you're looking for a quiet and private experience mountain climbing in Yakushima’s ancient forest, this is a tour that you will not want to miss.

$399.41 Day Trips & Excursions

Mt. Miyanoura Hiking Tour in Yakushima Island with Licensed Local Guide

Your tour starts with pick-up at your centrally located hotel in Yakushima early in the morning. Start the challenging and exciting full-day hiking tour in Yakushima Island Yakushima Island is an island of moss green as well as a botanical treasury with plenty of forests from ancient times. It is showered forever by the southern heaven, where the islanders live along the vivid cycle of four seasons more intimately than elsewhere in Japan. As a challenging trekking course, a vertical journey takes you through a wide range of forest types and goes beyond the tree line, into the unpredictable sky of the high altitude (1,936 m/6351 ft). On a sunny day, enjoy a 360° panoramic view from the top of the island.