Hakata Local History Museum


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1. Kushida-jinja

0.02 MILES

The intimate Kushida-jinja, municipal Shintō shrine of Hakata, traces its history to AD 757 and sponsors the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Matsuri, in which…

2. Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan

0.06 MILES

Spread over three machiya (traditional Japanese townhouses), this folk museum re-creates a Hakata nagare (neighbourhood unit) from the late Meiji era…

4. Tōchō-ji

0.24 MILES

Tōchō-ji houses the Fukuoka Daibutsu, Japan's largest seated wooden Buddha (10.8m high, 30 tonnes, completed in 1992) and some impressively carved Kannon …

5. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

0.32 MILES

On the upper floors of the Hakata Riverain mall, this large museum houses the world-renowned Asia Gallery, and additional galleries for special…

6. Shōfuku-ji

0.37 MILES

Shōfuku-ji is considered the oldest Zen temple in Japan, founded in 1195 by Eisai, who introduced Zen and tea to Japan; the nation's first tea plants are…

7. Kihinkan

0.39 MILES

Built in 1910, this historic French Renaissance–style building, a nationally registered important cultural property, can be found just across the river…

8. Rakusuien

0.44 MILES

This small but pretty garden and teahouse was built by a Meiji-era merchant in 1906 and offers a couple of paths, a rushing waterfall and tea ceremony. In…