Ōhori-kōen Japanese Garden


Set within the expansive grounds of Ōhori-kōen, adjacent to the remains of Fukuoka's once-grand castle, this traditional (though constructed in 1984) 12,000-sq-metre Japanese garden boasts a beautiful main pond, streams and a waterfall, a dry garden and a traditional teahouse, all within a border of whitewashed traditional walls. The design is by one of Japan's most famous 20th-century garden masters, Nakane Kinsaku, whose other works include the gardens at Kyoto's Nijo-jō and the Adachi Museum in Shimane-ken.

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2. Gokoku-jinja

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This stately shrine to Japan's war dead sits just south of Ōhori-kōen, surrounded by woods. Its 13m-tall torii (gate) is one of Japan's tallest.

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