Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome


This monolithic, retractable-roof stadium is the home field of Fukuoka's much-loved SoftBank Hawks baseball team. Tours (in Japanese) are offered and there's a museum of the life of Oh Sadaharu, the world's all-time home-run king (best for die-hard fans).

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1. Fukuoka Tower


Standing above the Momochi district is 234m-tall Fukuoka Tower, Japan's tallest seaside spire, a symbol of the city and mostly hollow (its main purpose is…

2. Fukuoka City Museum

0.66 MILES

This smart museum displays artefacts from local history and culture. The pride of the collection is an ancient 2.3-sq-cm, 108g golden seal with an…

3. Fukuoka Art Museum

1.31 MILES

Expected to reopen in March 2019 following renovations, Fukuoka Art Museum has ancient pottery and Buddhist guardians, as well as works by Basquiat,…

4. Ōhori-kōen Japanese Garden

1.32 MILES

Set within the expansive grounds of Ōhori-kōen, adjacent to the remains of Fukuoka's once-grand castle, this traditional (though constructed in 1984) 12…

5. Fukuoka-jō & Ōhori-kōen

1.41 MILES

Only the walls of Fukuoka-jō (Fukuoka Castle) remain, but the castle's hilltop site (Maizuru-kōen) provides good panoramas of the city and great views of…

6. Gokoku-jinja

1.48 MILES

This stately shrine to Japan's war dead sits just south of Ōhori-kōen, surrounded by woods. Its 13m-tall torii (gate) is one of Japan's tallest.

7. Daimyō Catholic Church

1.92 MILES

Also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory, the church holds AA meetings and religious ceremonies.

8. Kego-Jinja

2.26 MILES

This popular Shintō shrine is set right in the midst of the city, steps from Tenjin Station. While it's not as grand as some other religious sites in town…