Momofuku Andō Instant Ramen Museum


From its humble invention in 1958 by Andō Momofuku (1910–2007; later chair of Nissin Foods), instant rāmen has become a global business and one of Japan's most famous exports. Exhibits here illustrate the origin of Cup Noodles and how they're made; there's also a 'tunnel' of Nissin products that showcases a half-century of package design. The highlight, however, is getting to create your own custom-blend Cup Noodles to take away (¥300), including decorating the cup.

Get the free English-language audio guide (¥2000 deposit). Expect long queues at weekends. It's about a 10-minute walk from the station. Take the east exit and head down the stairs; go left and then right at the small tourist information centre, and the museum will be on your right shortly.

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