Kōfuku-ji Five-Storey Pagoda


Japan's second-tallest pagoda, at 50.1m; originally built in 730 and last reconstructed in 1426.

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1. Kōfuku-ji Tōkondō

0.03 MILES

Kōfuku-ji's Tōkondō is a National Treasure dating from 726 and rebuilt in 1415 (but paying homage to older structures). It houses several important…

2. Kōfuku-ji National Treasure Museum

0.08 MILES

Reopened in 2018, this compact museum houses Kōfuku-ji's most important works of art, many of which date to the 8th century (and have managed to survive…

3. Kōfuku-ji

0.08 MILES

Kōfuku-ji was founded in Kyoto in 669 and relocated here in 710. The original Nara temple complex had 175 buildings, though much has been lost over the…

4. Kōfuku-ji Nanen-dō

0.11 MILES

Kōfuku-ji's southern octagonal hall, first built in 813 (and most recently reconstructed in 1789), enshrines an image of the bodhisattva Kannon.

5. Kōfuku-ji Three-Storey Pagoda

0.15 MILES

Kōfuku-ji's oldest structure is this often-overlooked, elegant three-storey pagoda built in 1181, a rare example of Heian-era architecture.

6. Kōfuku-ji Hokuen-dō

0.15 MILES

Kōfuku-ji's northern octagonal hall was first built in 721. The current reconstruction is c 1210, making it the second-oldest structure at Kōfuku-ji.

7. Nara National Museum

0.27 MILES

This world-class museum of Buddhist art is divided into two sections. Built in 1894 and strikingly renovated in 2016, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall &…

8. Yoshiki-en

0.34 MILES

This garden was once part of Kofuku-ji and since 1919 has been a public garden, laid out in traditional fashion along paths around a pond. Most attractive…