Museo Storico Navale

Museum in Castello

At the time of research this museum, dedicated to Venice's seafaring history, was closed for renovations; in the meantime its collection of historic boats can be viewed in the Padiglione delle Navi.

When the museum eventually reopens, its 42 rooms are likely to once again display scale models of Venetian-built vessels, sprawling galleries of fearsome weaponry, 17th-century dioramas of forts and ports, and a sumptuous model of the bucintoro, the doge's gilded ceremonial barge, destroyed by Napoleonic troops in 1798.

Although the minutiae of some of the exhibits will mostly be of interest to enthusiasts and specialists, the collection illustrates the incredible span of Venetian power across the Adriatic and Mediterranean over the centuries. In addition, it covers Italian naval history and memorabilia, from unification to the present day.